The brand identity is the first element that gets in contact with your customers.

A brand identity is the larger, distinct visual look that is associated with a company. When a brand identity really works, you should be able to recognise the brand even if you don’t see the logo. Many people have heard about the importance of using their logo consistently. But there should be a consistency to elements beyond your logo. CodeFish Studio loves to work on your entire brand rather than just the logo because the look of the final app or website is strictly connected to it and we need to have a clear idea of your startup/company to meet the goals.

The tricky thing is that while your logo is unfailingly unchangeable, your brand identity must have both consistency and flexibility. Creating a brand identity that is distinct yet varies based on it’s form, is a challenge but can big dividends in your brand’s value. The elements that can be part of a full brand identity could be fonts, colours, imagery, and even the voice of the writing.