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00. INTRODUCTION Adelaide, SA CodeFish Studio

CodeFish Studio is a proud South Australian company that strives for innovation and we truely believe in pushing existing technology to its limits, for the benefit of the end user.

Given any opportunity that presents itself, where a project can fully utilise and collaborate with other local businesses, we always choose that option.

South Australia is a state that has provided the world with many international firsts and success stories. We want to be involved in their creation and participate in their implementation to the public realm.

Whether your project needs Mobile or Web development, BLE Beacon connected Apps, Customised Hardware integration, or Product, Graphics and Brand Identity services don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Team and see how we can help.

01. BRAND_IDENTITY Adelaide, SA GRAB - Exclusive Services

GRAB has been hand-crafted from the ground up. A digital services mobile app that began as a simple gesture from a client who wished to provide the everyday traveller with a no fuss door to door luggage solution.

At the core of any great product is a tailored brand identity. The GRAB brand is fit for purpose and aligns itself well to the clients target market. An additional aspect of brand identity is to test the logotype across a range of devices and icon sizes, to ensure it remains recognisable at all scales.

The GRAB concept was explored to its limits and the result is multi-tiered, personalised and exclusive traveller’s assistant.

02. GAME_DEV Adelaide, SA FatSheep

What happens when you have an extremely creative team of designers and developers enjoying their day off? FatSheep is your answer. Download it from the AppStore and do your best to save the flock.

For serious gaming solutions head over to 8BitStudios and check out the skills of our dedicated Game Development team.

Collectively, CodeFish Studio and 8Bit Studios, can manage all gaming solutions. From Brand Identity to Gaming storyboards. Publishing and Release to Ongoing Management Solutions.

Each game development brief is tailored for specific clients and can be put to both IOS and Android markets simultaneously or a staged solution to test the market strategy.

03. IOS_DEV Adelaide, SA SplitUP

Have you ever needed to SplitUp everyday expenses that you share with friends, colleagues and roommates? SplitUp is a paired back solution for keeping track of who owes who for what. You even have the option to send them a friendly reminder. It’s even a great feeling when you don’t owe anything to your friends and family.

The App Development process for SplitUP was rigorous for such a simple brief. Starting with a wireframe concept our team at CodeFish Studio moved through multiple scenarios and sequences to achieve the final outcome of an easy to understand app flow.

Start with zero debt and download it FREE from the AppStore today.

04. UX/UI_DESIGN Adelaide, SA Seek Adelaide

Immersive and interactive, SeekAdelaide is a Beacon based social exploration in the public realm. The SEEK concept is a big kids version of Hide and Seek which encourages us to explore the cities we live in. Solve the clues and find the Beacons throughout Adelaide.

The gamification of this App required an elaborate, yet clean and easy to understand UI/UX. The memorable design supports this concept and reinforces the user engagement.

SeekAdelaide strives to support local businesses, typically those which a normally a little tucked away and off the beaten track. They have generously offered you some incentives to go find them.

Each game is timed, with a start/stop/pause feature for each beacon that needs finding, so explore at your leisure. Stay tuned as their is a new game each month.

05. BRAND_IDENTITY Adelaide, SA Little Birdy Network

CodeFish Studio partnered with Little Birdy, to reinvigorate an existing user base and reward the everyday punter for supporting local venues, pubs and clubs.

The overhaul of the Little Birdy App brought with it the integration of an in-house hardware component called a SmartBase. The pairing of the Little Birdy beacon network with customised CodeFish Studio SmartBases allows for the everyday user to interact and participate at venues, pubs and clubs at a much higher frequency than they typically would. This much high frequency is monitored and managed by a tailored dashboard that each subscribing venue has access too.

From the interactive and live dashboard, venue managers are able to control and maintain their own strategy for rewarding of points to their customers.

The rewards platform is monitored for device to smart base interaction of a customer, Arriving, Staying Longer, Buying Drinks or Sharing through social media, of which all analytical data is provided back to the venues through the dashboard.

Little Birdy is the foundation from which venues can create a more genuine relationship with their customers and provide them with rewards for their loyalty.

06. WEB_DEV Adelaide, SA AUREOO

Aureoo is CodeFish Studio’s biggest web based project. A social network that goes beyond the pages of a book to let the user discover a world of culture on the web. Aureoo is the fun way to create and discover cultural content and connect with people who share your interests.

Our team has been working for over a year to assist the Italian Start-up. Our scope covered development of the backend, the entire front end platform and both mobile apps.

As third party supplier, CodeFish Studio also started working on the brand identity of the project, creating logotype and guidelines that have been followed by the web and app design.

07. HARDWARE_DEV Adelaide, SA SmartBase

CodeFish Studio’s customised hardware solution for the Little Birdy Network epitomises the strength of our team. The in-house R&D process from Hardware functionality, through full Product Design and collaboration with local manufacturing, we are proud of the capabilities and deployable solution that our SmartBase’s offer. When pairing your mobile app, a beacon network and our SmartBase technology the solutions are far reaching.

Contact CodeFish Studio for a demonstration of the possibilities ahead of you.

08. BRAND_IDENTITY Adelaide, SA SnapNTalk

CodeFish Studio was approached by the Founder of SnapNTalk to first assist with the debugging and recoding of both the IOS and Android versions of the existing MVP solution. A product that is yet to be fully realised and released to the market.

As with all CodeFish Studio products we always communicate to a client the value added by aligning a products Brand Identity with the App and internal UI/UX features to project a more cohesive end product to the market and customers